Vanessa McKenzie
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Vanessa McKenzie is a multi-disciplinary creative living in San Diego, California.

Branding, Editorial, Exhibition, Website, Photography, Fine Art, Public Space, Urban Planning, Video, Copywriting

Vanessa McKenzie

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Branding, Editorial, Exhibition, Digital, Photography, Photo Direction and Styling, Copywriting, Fine Art, Public Space, Urban Planning, Video

I am a multidisciplinary creative living in San Diego. My career developed in print and traditional media, with several projects allowing me to explore the complexities of urban planning and community engagement.

Prior to the West Coast, I was at a branding agency in Chicago where, in addition to layout, brand innovation, and marketing collateral, I had the opportunity to expand my digital skills by working daily in Sketch and collaborating with development teams on responsive, SEO-friendly websites. I moved to Chicago from Kansas City where I was the sole designer for two monthly and bi-monthly magazines, and an annual cookbook. After a year of designing and photo direction, I was also brought on as a contributing editor, submitting monthly features.

For the past three years, I have partnered with the New York City-based firm Artist&Title to produce a variety of art exhibits. Each project demands keen observation, unique attention to detail, and cultural sensitivity. Transforming space is what I find truly attractive about exhibition and environmental work—crafting an integrated experience for the audience, giving them a place to not just read about a movement or an artist, but to be enriched and surrounded by a feeling and a message. My interest in urban planning and development led to several collaborative and educational efforts with other designers, planners and architects.  

An endless search for inspiration and a need to constantly create have helped me to establish a lifestyle, instead of a career path. I hope to continue building on that foundation with a variety of collaborations, partnerships, and life experiences.