Vanessa McKenzie

Lots of Love

Lots of Love


Ivanhoe is a Kansas City neighborhood with several challenges at hand, including the the mass amount of vacant lots, the lack of local social gathering areas or local sources for entertainment, their want for more community-based activities, and the councils efforts at beautification.

The goal of Lots of Love is to occupy and beautify vacant lots in Ivanhoe with sustainable custom-made furnishings, configured for specific community activities. These activated spaces will give residents a place to gather and spend time with each other, creating a more unified community and a safer, more welcoming environment.

Lots of Logos

Each of the lots are programmed according to the site activities. 

Let's Meet: Dedicated to community discussion, meals, and relaxation. The space is furnished with tables and seating constructed from locally-sourced materials. In several cases, these materials were found on the pre-existing site. 

Let's Play: Features a playground, toy shed and several flexible spaces for future activities.

Let's Grow: A community garden and toolshed managed but the members of the Ivanhoe neighborhood.