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Thirty Bales


Thirty Bales

Thirty Bales is a celebration of everything Midwestern cuisine has to offer. It is an upbeat neighborhood restaurant bringing together bright personalities, bold recipes, local ingredients and craft spirits–playing with the flavors that make the Midwest a place unlike any other. The name was born from the legend of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. As the story goes, Babe had an appetite as big as Bunyan himself and is rumored to have eaten 30 bales of hay a day.

Like our restaurant's big blue spirit animal, we're a pack of people that lives to eat and drink. We're endlessly in love with the Midwest and its connection to seasonal ingredients grown close to home. It's what inspires our menu and our team. And it's what inspires us as we tell our own story with the flavors and spirits of the Midwest.



May the bridges I burn light the way.


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Agency: LeaseLabs | Client: HG Fenton