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University Hill Apartments


University Hill Apartments

The key elements of this concept give grown-up sophistication a gritty edge: hand-drawn illustrations overlaying descriptive imagery, bold type paired with negative space and the brand orange filled with a subtle but intentional background texture. Throughout the collateral and signage pieces, this marriage of refinement with imperfection represents University Hill Apartments’ place in the developing neighborhood.

The strategic messaging targets two main demographics: 1. Duke graduate students who may not have ties to the city and 2. Durham renters who choose this location for its cultured and artistic community.


University Hill Apartments offer a unique culinary experience with dining options from several of North Carolina’s award-winning chefs. The property also comes with robust wellness facilities and encourages a healthy lifestyle for its community. In addition to the fitness amenities, other self-care offerings, such as the hair and nail salons, smoothie bar, and waxing services are available.


Community and connection are central elements of the brand philosophy. Several of the amenities allow for conversation, meeting new people, and fostering relationships. The imagery speaks not only to connection, but the property’s role in bringing people together. Whether it be via the co-working space, the pool, the dog park or any of the other offerings listed on the spread.


Fence Banner
A bold collage of brand elements is used to grab the attention of drivers and direct them to the property website for more information.

The fence banner’s energy is needed to attract potential leads driving past the property, but the nature of the a-frame signage, and its proximity to pedestrians, allows for a more light and minimal approach. This shows that the brand elements are flexible and can be used successfully with varying levels of intensity.


 Agency: LeaseLabs | Client: Hawthorne Residential